Sunday, July 31, 2005

Another Today's Word: Back

I turn 30 today. I'm back!

-- david j.
Today's Word: Teem

Tremik, Katel, and their child, Gram, stood on the last green hill of their journey, overlooking the fabled city of Lastel. Years and tears and toil had brought them here, first carrying little Gram then watching him toddle along the trail, then handing off burdens to him as his back and arms grew strong from labor.

Katel cried and Tremik held her. The city teemed with life. Its tall buildings and well laid streets fairly gleamed in the evening sun. At every intersection of every street, on every building outside and in, across the face of the entire city swarmed the great wasp larvae of Gukrateaman. The wiggling horde of their most hated enemy.

The breeze kicked up, making the bells in Katel's hair tinkle and a smattering of dust dance across the downs. With it came the sound of the horde: a great lulling buzz like mighty engines beating far beneath the earth.

Gram looked at his parents, his quiet face inquisitive.

"Are we there yet?"

-- david j.