Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Today's Word: Smile

Tight sit Summer and Spring
At either end of the school year
Like the curly ends of a long smile

Monday, September 06, 2004

Today's Word: Stupid

Below is an email I received this afternoon. It is an example of pure stupidity. This is a message to all criminal minds planning to commit some crime that involves convincing your fellow human beings that you are affiliated with a professional organization: LEARN TO SPELL AND USE PROPER GRAMMAR. Commucation is key to crime.

WARNING: This is obviously NOT an authentic letter from Yahoo! But, just in case someone reads this and decides they should send the criminals behind it their PINs, I have removed the fake weblink at the end of the email.

Dear Yahoo! Member,
We are pleased to announce you that our Yahoo! Wallet has been improovedand that from now security will be our number one priority. As part of ournew upgrade you will be requested for a PIN verification for your creditcard. We are doing this because of the number of fraudulent transactionsvia our servers has increased dramatically and we are taking measures thatthis will not happen from now on.
Your PIN verification will be necesary for only one of your credit cards.Failure in making your verification will lead to suspending all servicesthat request Yahoo! Wallet. You can start this process by clicking the linkbelow. Your information will be sent via our 128 bits encrypted connectionand you can rest assured that this information will not be shared to any thirdparty.
Click here to go login to your Yahoo!

Friday, September 03, 2004

Today's Word: Woman

Poor woman. She is the saddest half of humankind. On her shoulders she bears all the burdens of the species: menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, quiet worry for overgrown children and childish husbands.

From birth she is told to be frilly and sweet, yet she is expected to bear the greatest pains in life, far beyond those leveled on man.

Woman deserves every consideration man can afford her, because, good God, what if you were one?

-- david j.