Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Today’s Word: Ribald

Lunacy put him in the asylum. And it was lunacy that kept him out of the prison. But it was his wit that made him a star among crazies; his flair for ribald tales, made up on the spot, and usually concerning one nurse or the other.

He had them in his room, at lights out, when Piggo was snorting and snuffing in his sleep. He had them on the roof, explaining that the nurses brought him there for privacy. He even had them in Dr. Krautzer's office, right on the faux oak desk, in the middle of the day, while everyone else was busy downing pills and building papier-mâché models of the Whitehouse.

Who was going to dispute him? The crazies? They were suffering from lunacy. Just like him.


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