Saturday, July 24, 2004

Today's Word: Wheeee!

My son, Alex (5), and daughter, Grace (3), watching the Hot Wheels™ movie:

Grace:  That’s a bolcano.
Alex: That's not a volcano, Grace, that's a loopy-loop.
Grace: That's not a loopy-loop, that's a car.
Alex: (GameCube controller in hand, controlling nothing but his imagination) That's my car, I hit the boost.
Grace: (Begins to sing nonsensical song) Forever. . . day (gibberish)
Alex: What?
Grace: (Goes on singing) Every-day you (gibberish, quiets). . . Cars, cars, clang, clang, clang. . . the bridge on the happy going house.  Going to the house? Yep.  Use the bridge.
Me: What's Grace talking about, Alex?
Alex: (Laughs) She's talking about nothing
Grace: Fire, fire . . . vroom!  (Various car sounds, eyes glued to TV)
Alex: I'm saving the girl
Grace: I want to go to the girl's house.
Alex: We're not going to the girl's house.
Grace: Not going?
Alex: That's a big girl. (Attention turns back to the movie)  You're number eight (eight is last place in his favorite racing game).  Duh, you're losing.
Grace: (Now bored with movie which is on one of its long talking stints) Wheeeee!  (Slides off the arm of my easy chair several times).


-- david j.

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