Monday, September 05, 2005

Today's Word: Popular

Auzor Reece eyed the human sitting before him.

"You don't believe the All-Point is slowing drawing all matter and energy back into itself?" asked the Auzor.

"No," said the man.

"Then what, sir, is your religion? To what diety do you owe your being?"

The human stared, his eyes never moving from the old Auzor's face.

"The popular and favorable opinion of friends, family, and millions of fans around the world. That's my religion. It's the only real source of power in any society, warrel or human.

The Auzor actually considered this. It was true that popularity embued its focal point with great power. And since the great reunification was still millions of years in the future, the All-Point could not, in actuality, give a believer any type of power; not in a real sense.

Auzor Reece nodded.

"And this is why we must destroy you, sir. Your power -- your popularity -- is too great on earth. You sway the humans against us; humans who would otherwise gladly join our religion. Thank you for the lesson on true power. It has been enlightening."

Reece motioned to the guards who took the human away to the first of many deaths. In the quiet interrogation room, the Auzor sat, hands folded under chin, contemplating power.

-- david j.

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