Sunday, August 31, 2003

Today’s Word: Flout

1. The commonality of their professions connected them, both physically and mentally.

2. She spoke of the wood, of its steamy solitude, and he shaped it, carving out the world hidden.

3. In her journal she wrote, "Today I met a beautiful man; strong of limb, heart, and chin."

4. Their association waxed strong; one finding the other at the oddest times, in the strangest places.

5. His models of nature formed on wood rose and swelled, taking on the shapes of prey birds and frothing stallions.

6. Her words rounded and flowed, bending proud prose to the soft susurration of ocean tides, flouting the restrictions of contemporary themes.

7. Art made them strong.

8. Love made them complete.

*NOTE: Whew, I'm done with my 4 weeks of language class and am back on the blog, I mean job.

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