Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Today’s Word: Mordant

Chelsea wrote a story about cats -- upright walking, grandiose dressing, fluent English speaking cats. In Chelsea’s world, cats went on parade. They carried lace fringed umbrellas and wore gold monocles. They spoke with slightly British accents while smoking slim cigarettes and drinking sherry. They discussed politics, especially the goings-on with the Rat War and the Dog Skirmish. Cats ruled the world. Chelsea’s world.
Chelsea, cat lover extraordinaire, garnered her first letter from an editor with her cat story -- the first letter she had received that wasn’t mass produced, but written in long hand on a small sheet of paper. At first she was quite happy, at least until she read the words. For this was the most mordant, most acerbic three lines Chelsea had ever seen inked on a page.
Cats, it seemed, didn’t rule the world after all.

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