Friday, October 10, 2003

Today’s Word: Sneeze

"Honey, is something wrong?" asked Emily. "What's that look for?" She stared at him, her eyes widening. "If this is about that dress I bought, you can just swallow that pinched look on your face. I needed it; I haven't had a new formal since we were dating, and the ball is coming up. You know I can't go to the ball in one of my Sunday dresses, they're all fuzzy on the seat and hips. Scott, if you keep looking like that I'm going to think something's wrong. Speak to me. Are you okay? You aren't choking are you? No? Good. But you're still giving me that look. Oh! You're not mad about that pocket change? Scott Henry Braden, if you give me trouble about a measly twenty dollars, I'm not speaking to you for a month! I didn't have a lunch, and you always pack your own, it's not like you ever use that money. I mean I know it's for emergencies, but I'll put it back in your wallet just as soon as –"

Scott doubled over with the greatest sneeze of his life.

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