Thursday, November 20, 2003

Today’s Word: Conestoga Wagon

Cyber Bubba was not stupid. Country yes. Stupid no. He rode the waves of the metasphere the way his forbearers rode Conestoga wagons across the plains and back again. From the soft confines his Phage-Chair®, Bubba had access to vast riches of information; from the exact weight of a Green-banded glass frog to the latest centerfold layout for Ms. April. Cyber Bubba had it all.

The only thing he was missing, the only thing that would make life on the metasphere complete – well, Bubba could never find. He searched, he invested time and even money, but the one golden thing eluded him. So Bubba made it himself.

New in the spring of 2031, try Cyber Bubba's ultra-realistic Deer Hunt Beer Fest!!

Cyber Bubba was rich.
Cyber Bubba was happy.
Cyber Bubba scored a nine point cyber buck.

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