Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Today’s Word: Supine

I would say that the ocean spewed us forth onto the beach like Jonah from the whale's mouth, but that is not true. More it taunted us like a spoiled, evil child, moving our aged rowboat inland, only to suck it away at the last moment, heedless of our frantic paddling and shouts of anger and loss. By the time low tide arrived the sun was nearing the eastern horizon, tickling the clouds blue, and separating the near dark from the distant dark. Only then, haggard beyond sensibility of either thought or movement, we four men pulled ourselves ashore and lay supine in the cool sand, staring up at a field of stars which seemed to recoil from our view. Hunger and exhaustion battled within my breast, neither willing to subside for a more opportune time. And by the look of my shipmates (ex-shipmates, we had lost our ship) they were suffering every bit as much as I. But we were alive, and for the first time in four days we were on land.

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