Wednesday, September 24, 2003

"I don't know what she sees in him," said Shondra.
"Girl, have you looked at that man? He's gorgeous," said Tina.
"It takes more than wind to sail a ship, honey. You should know that your own self."
"I heard that boy's got more money than Mr. Monopoly. He drives that yellow Corvette you seen parked out in the teacher's lot."
"We all teaching here," said Shondra, "how he got more money than us?"
"I don't know, but he got it."
"Well, I heard he got kicked out the last school 'cause he was making it with one of the seniors, but couldn't nobody prove it so they fired his ass."
"Girl, that just lip. That man is fine, and if she don't make the hook up, I'm gonna be all over that like cream on jello."
Shondra smacked her lips. "You take it, shorty. I done heard too much 'bout that brother."

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