Friday, September 26, 2003

Today's Word: Toothsome

On the road to St. Petersburg Michel was stopped by a white light spilling from heaven. His horse, normally an even tempered beast, reared, throwing the young man from his saddle. It galloped away into a nearby orchard as the light filled Michel's world.

He raised and hand and uttered a cry as the light became too much to bear. Then it was gone, and the late summer evening was as before.

When Michel looked, a woman stood before him. She wore a white dress, skirted at the thigh, with a top that covered only her left breast. This toothsome vixen looked into Michel's eyes and smiled.

"Who are you? Are you a goddess?" asked the stunned man.

The woman laughed.

"No, honey. I'm Gladys Charella, from Atlanta. Isn't this Athens? Where's the Parthenon?"

"I don't understand you, goddess. What language do you speak?"

"That stupid travel agent," said Gladys. "She didn't even give me a reverse translator. And this sure isn't Greece." She fiddled with a strange bracelet on her wrist. "BF'ing Russia! That's the last time I use Tara's Temporal Tours. I knew I should have listened to my sister. She said, 'Gladys, go see Christ born, you'll have wonderful time,' but no, I had to see the orgies."

The strange goddess stamped her foot and tinkered with her bracelet again. The heavenly light returned for a moment, and just as suddenly, was gone.

Michel kneeled in the dirt to pray that God might reveal the meaning of this vision.

Twenty five years later, as Arch Bishop of Her Holiness the Blessed Madonna Church, Michel still kneeled at the alter everyday to pray for revelation about that long ago vision. For some reason, the meaning never came.

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